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Hunting 2018 - Spring 2019
Thanks to Spruce Island Camps location being as close to the middle of Lake of The Woods as you can get, there is an abundance of hunting opportunities. Whether it is on the surrounding islands or the Aulneau Peninsula, which is primitive weapons only for big game, you are sure to have an exciting and memorable adventure.
Black Bear:
Opens May 1 to June 15 and August 15 to Oct 31. Please note that the Aulneau Peninsula is primitive weapons only.
We provide two bait staitions per hunter. They can be set-up either on the Aulneau Peninsula or one of the many islands within our bear managment area.
Non-Resident Deer:
Non-Resident Small Game:
Ruff and Spruce Grouse:
This is a basic version of the non-resident Hunting Regulations, for complete rules and regulations please refer to the Ontario Hunting Regulation Summary Book. Click Here
Sept 15 - Dec 31 Combined daily limit of 5 for a total of 15 in posession.
September 10. Waterfowl are regulated by the Federal Government and require a Duck Stamp along with your Small Game license. Please call well in advance to find out where to purchase your Duck Stamp, if not available through camp. To find out more about Duck species and limits Click Here
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Sept 15 - March 31. A Wolf Game Seal is required along with your Small Game license to hunt Wolf.
 Sept 1 - Sept 28  Sept 15 - Sept 28  Bow season only, no dogs.
 Sept 29 - Oct 5  Sept 29  - Oct 5  Bow and Muzzle Loader only, no dogs.
 Oct 6 - Dec 15  Oct 6 - Nov 15  Modern or Primitive weapons
 Oct 6  - Dec 15  Oct 6  - Nov 15  Primitive weapons ONLY