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Fishing and Hunting licenses are available in the Main Lodge through the fully automated licensing system as well as export permits.
Please remember to bring your Ontario Outdoors Card. We also recommend to those purchasing a Hunting license to bring a current or old comprobable hunting license from their Resident state along with their Outdoors Cards, for example bring a rifle deer to purchase a deer license, even if you are already in the system.
Minnows and Leeches are available for purchase at the Main Lodge. However Leeches generally are only available until the middle of August(every season is different and they may be available later or may not be available earlier in the season).
Gas is available next to the main dock and a staff member must be present when getting gas.
Please note: if you are not staying at Spruce Island we can only accept cash as payment. We are not equipped to handle debit or credit transactions at this time. If you are staying at Spruce Island, cash or check will be accepted.