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Things To Bring:
Just a list of a few things that may get forgotten.

-Clothing for all weather no matter time of season (cold, hot, rainy, dry)
-Footwear for wet weather and extra socks
-Camera and extra batteries or wall charger
-Minnow bucket, Leech locker
-Life Jackets
-Sunscreen, hats, polarized sunglasses
-Navigation maps, GPS is great but not always accurate.
-Paper towel
-Chapstick/Lip Balm
-Bug Spray
-First Aid Kit: Band-Aids, polysporin, rubbing alcohol/ hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, cotton balls/q-tips antacid, pain reliever, allergy relief.
-Fillet knife
-Charcoal for BBQ
At Spruce Island Camp we have electricity 24/7 thanks to our Solar System which was installed in 2009. When the system is running low we have our diesel generator as a back-up to take over, which is set to come on automatically. We are very proud of our system and every year try harder to run mainly on Solar. Last year 2015 we figure we ran about 85% Solar.

We try very hard to mainly run on Solar so over the years since installation we have tweaked the way we do some things and quickly learned what the system does not like -- such as electric griddles, fryers, pans and anything that takes a large amount of electricity quickly. So we ask that you please try to limit these items when bringing your own electric cooking devices. Thank You!
Solar System:
Lake Of The Woods Web-cam links:
-NASA Satellite of the lake to watch the ice melt in spring or form in winter. Click on the 250m in the first box for closest view.
-Kenora Web-cam
-Web-cam from Flag Island
-Lake Of The Woods Ice Patrol
Click For Spruce Island Drone Footage: